On-Site Associates has been providing quality receivables resolution services to numerous AM 100 law firms and professional services organizations since 1990 and our standards of excellence are unequaled.

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On-Site Associates, LLC offers the following services:

Receivables Resolution Services

Many firms are trying to control costs during the current economic climate, but all too frequently they find themselves unable to maximize the realization of their client receivables and work-in-process portfolios.  Instead of hiring more staff, law firms can choose the cost-effective solution of placing one or more of our collection professionals on-site to perform receivables resolution services in the name of the law firm for the more challenging client/matter balances that all firms have on their books. Most often, our compensation is on a contingency fee basis based on performance.  We can also work on an hourly fee basis, upon request.

The Benefits of Hiring On-Site’s Professionals:

Resource Deployment
and Portfolio Coverage
Law firms are now focusing their staff and partner time resources towards the more current and/or performing client A/R.  They call on On-Site’s experts to resolve the more time consuming, problematic balances and to insure complete “coverage” of the AR and WIP portfolio.
Enhanced Cash Flow We will convert a portion of your non-performing receivables into cash.
Resolution vs. Collection Our goal is to resolve problematic balances, not merely to collect receivables.  Detecting, reporting and helping to resolve risk management issues is equally as important as collecting the money.
Control The attorney will always approve our recommended resolution strategy, in advance.
Expertise We are seasoned professionals with a proven track record of success in collecting law firm receivables. Our client list speaks for itself.
Cost Effectiveness Because we are consultants, there is no employee-related expense. The bulk of our compensation is derived from commissions.
Objectivity Our consultants will operate in the best interests of your entire firm. We eliminate politics from the process.

The Senior Associate managing the project will have a proven record of success in resolving receivables for law firms.  While we completely understand the sensitive nature of the attorney/client relationship, we also understand that you deserve to be paid for your services. We can provide you with a level of expertise and professionalism that will improve your cash flow without resorting to inappropriate collection tactics or alienating clients.

In addition to the on site receivables resolution programs discussed above, On-Site Associates also handles individual matters on a direct assignment basis.

Diagnostic Review and Procedural Development – Client Intake, Billing, and Collections Processes

On-Site Associates can perform an in-depth diagnostic review and assessment of your firm’s client/matter intake, billing, and collections processes.  We can also focus our analysis towards any specific area of these processes which may require enhancement in order to improve cash flow and increase profits.

We typically conduct a thorough examination and assessment of the following key operational areas:

  • Client/matter intake and credit risk review
  • Organizational structure of the departments responsible for client billing and collections
  • Internal collection follow-up practices
  • Approval authority policies for write-offs, write-downs, payment plans, and compromise settlement arrangements
  • Stop work review or notification programs
  • Malpractice and risk management review policies
  • Automated billing and collection systems capabilities

We issue a comprehensive report of our findings and our recommendations on how to enhance your existing intake, billing, and collections process. Giving special consideration to your firm’s overall goals for growth and profitability, we draft new and enhanced policies. We can also give substantial assistance with employee training, as well as assisting in implementing the firm’s new policies.

Law Firm Dissolution Services

When the decision was made by fourteen (14) law firms, including Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP, to undergo dissolution (either in and out of bankruptcy), each of them placed their trust in On-Site Associates to handle the liquidation of their client receivables portfolio.

On-Site Associates believes that the most successful dissolution projects have the following characteristics:

  • Early Interventionis the most important factor to consider when designing a receivables liquidation program.  Designing the optimal program while the majority of attorneys and staff are still present; the client accounting and document management systems are fully functional; and the client files are still available will insure the best results. On-Site Associates has the experience to design a receivables resolution strategy that insures the best possible billed/collected realization rate from the firm’s receivables portfolio.
  • Professional Due Diligence – the most crucial information needed to insure the highest possible realization rates is not always located in the Accounting Department.  Most often, it is background information obtained directly from the attorneys that proves invaluable.  Our legal industry experts will conduct attorney interviews to “ask the right questions” and obtain the information needed to help insure a successful outcome.  Based on our experience, the majority of the outstanding receivables and work in process balances will relate to active client relationships that will continue at the attorney’s new firm.  This creates a unique “competing for payment” dynamic with the attorney’s new firm that must be considered when designing and executing upon the resolution strategy.
  • Control – no two law firm dissolution projects are exactly alike.  We go to great lengths to learn as much as we can about the manner in which the firm had been administered in the past.  We will then develop and present a resolution strategy that is agreed upon, in advance, by our client.  While this extra level of due diligence might appear to slow down the process; we have found from experience that a jointly developed “billing & collections game plan” actually makes the process more efficient in the long run, and with better results.
  • Objectivity – once the dissolution announcement is made, the former active clients can be expected to protect their own interests, so the uncertainty of the situation can result in their withholding payment.  The attorney, understandably, wants to preserve the relationship, but also understands that the “old” receivable needs to be addressed.  This makes it difficult for many attorneys to remain objective in such an environment.  Our professional and objective approach to resolving these issues is reflected in the positive results we have achieved.  We can proudly state that we are able to amicably resolve these issues in well over 90% of the cases, even in situations which seemed insurmountable.
  • Reporting – our detailed status report provides our clients with concise information on each of their client accounts and the overall status of the dissolution project.
  • Cost Effectiveness – we often perform our dissolution services on a performance driven, commission rate basis. The rate charged is a function of the size, age and dollar concentration of the portfolio in question. We can also design alternative compensation structures that meet our client’s needs.

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