Lenders often view the borrower’s accounts receivable portfolio as a primary source of loan repayment.  On-Site specializes in analyzing the borrower’s internal credit and collections processes “from A to Z” since their performance in these areas will impact the liquidity of the accounts receivable, and ultimately its highest net liquidated value.

From the due diligence phase to the collateral review phase and, if necessary, to the receivables liquidation phase, On-Site Associates, LLC provides quality receivables collection and portfolio evaluation services to the Lending Community.

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On-Site Associates, LLC offers the following services:

Accounts Receivable Portfolio Evaluation

Lenders often view the borrower’s accounts receivable portfolio as a primary source of loan repayment.  Consequently, lenders should gain an understanding of how well the borrower administers their credit and collection functions since their performance in this area will have a direct impact on the short term liquidity of the accounts receivable portfolio, and ultimately its highest realizable value.

To provide you with this knowledge, On-Site Associates, LLC will visit your borrower in order to:

  • Analyze current and historical receivables portfolio performance statistics and trends.
  • Perform a detailed credit risk analysis of major receivable balances.
  • Identify product and industry specific factors that may affect the net realizable value of the A/R portfolio, based on a variety of operating and non-operating scenarios.
  • Assess the adequacy of credit screening, credit risk controls, staffing levels, systems capabilities and all operational areas that can impact the value of the receivables portfolio.
  • Assign a liquidation value to the accounts receivable portfolio under various operating and non-operating scenarios.
  • Identify the critical factors to be considered by the lender should they be forced to assume control of the receivables liquidation process, both in and out of bankruptcy

Our portfolio evaluation services are particularly useful when existing loans are scheduled for renewal, classified as non-performing or under-performing, or when a borrower files a bankruptcy protection.

Receivables Liquidation and Collection Services

These services are our firm’s preeminent area of expertise.  Our receivables liquidation and collection services are especially cost-effective. They are typically administered in one of two ways:

  • We place our professionals on site at the borrower’s office to take possession and control of the cash receipts and receivables liquidation process.  We strive to develop a team comprised of our collection professionals and former key Company employees. Our experienced professionals will quickly and methodically assess the situation they are presented with and they design and administer a liquidation process that produces the highest possible net recovery rate.
  • We have our professionals enter your borrower’s office to take physical possession of the most critical documentation and systems data needed to ensure a successful outcome for the receivables liquidation project.  We take steps to insure immediate control of the cash receipts process.  At the appropriate time we transport the receivables information to our offices and conduct the customer account notification and liquidation process on your behalf.

We issue detailed status reports on a regular basis to keep you informed of our results. Our professional staff is always available to answer any questions which arise during the course of the project.

These services have proven invaluable to lenders seeking a cost-effective alternative to the forced liquidation of accounts receivable.  On-Site Associates has liquidated hundreds of millions of dollars in receivables for our clients by using these proven approaches, and our recovery rate has consistently exceeded our clients’ expectations.

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